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Cyclosportive Châtel – Chablais – Léman Race 2021 Exceptional circuit in a extraordinary landscape July 10 & 11th, 2021

Sunday 11/07 – Small circuit – 64 km

  • 64,4 km / 1800m D+
  • 1 supply: Champéry
  • Main difficulties :
    • KM 11,6 | Ascent of the Banks – 12.4km to 6.5%.
    • KM 39,2 | Pas de Morgins – 9.9km to 5.6%.
    • KM 60 | Pré la Joux – 4km to 4.6% – 4km
  • Start Sunday, July 11, 2021 at 8:00 am

E-Bikes allowed.


As the finish of the short course is located in Châtel Pré-la-Joux and the start in Aigle UCI World Cycling Centre, the organization offers a shuttle system on the morning of the event. It is then possible to drop off your vehicle at the finish site (Pré la Joux, Châtel) on the morning of the event and to make the journey to the start by BUS shuttle (shuttle departure at 6:40 am).

To do so, it is imperative to have dropped off the bike the day before at the UCI World Cycling Center (guarded bike park) and to have reserved the shuttle at the time of registration.

On the morning of the race you can leave your clothes in the deposit box. They will be brought to Châtel on arrival.

Race numbers

Bibs (big, medium and small circuit) will be à̀retirer on Saturday, July 10th from 9am to 6:45pm at Pré-la-Joux, Châtel. No bibs will be issued at Aigle, UCI World Cycling Center on Saturday, July 10. There will be a permanence for latecomers on the morning of the race (11/07) from 6.00 am to 7.15 am in Pré-la-Joux, Châtel for the participants of the Middle and Long Course and in UCI World Cycling Center, Aigle from 7.00 am to 7.45 am for the participants of the Short Course.

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