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Cyclosportive Châtel – Chablais – Léman Race 2020 Exceptional circuit in a extraordinary landscape July 12th, 2020


Who can participate? 

The cyclosportive is open to all, licensed or not. Of all levels, everyone has their own challenge from the age of 16, with parental permission, for the short course (or 18 years if registered on race day) and 18 years for the long course and the gravel format.

How to register?

Nothing could be easier, just go to the MSO site before Friday, July 10, 12:00 noon.
Once your account has been created, you can always make changes or add additional services (meals, shuttles, etc.).
It is impossible to resell your bib to another person. The cancellation insurance proposed at the time of your registration is provided for this purpose.

Registration possible on site:
-Saturday 11th July in Pré la Joux (Châtel).
-Sunday 12 July at the UCI-CMC (Aigle) for the participants of the short course or at Pré la Joux (Châtel) for the participants of the big one.
Pick-up times below.

License or medical certificate?

Are you a FFC, UFOLEP, FSGT, FFTRI licensee? Your 2020 licence is a medical certificate.
Attention, FFCT or FF Bike licenses are not accepted! (regulation imposed by the FFC).

Aren’t you fired? A medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of competitive cycling less than one year old is MANDATORY. Model.   Without a valid medical certificate, you will be refused the withdrawal of the race number. No disclaimer will be accepted.

Can I have a priority number? 

Please justify your request to

How do I pick up my bib? 

For the gravel format of Saturday July 11th:
From 8am to 8:45am in Pré la Joux, Châtel | Start of the event at 9am – (9:30am for mountain bike participants)

For the events on Sunday July 12:
-Coming to pick up your package and bib the day before, on Saturday 13 July 2019 (9:30 am > 7 pm), is strongly recommended.
You will need to bring the confirmation of your registration (sent a few days before the event) as well as your identity card + medical certificate or license. A third party can pick up your bib the day before under presentation of a signed power of attorney.
This withdrawal will take place in the exhibiting village, under the tent, at Pré la Joux.
On D-Day, the participants of the small circuit will be able to pick up their bibs at the UCI World Cycling Centre between 6:30 and 7:15 am; those of the long course will be able to do so between 5:30 and 6:15 am in Châtel Pré La Joux (start of the event / exhibiting village)

Start of the short course: 7:30 am
Start of the long distance : 6h30

Should I wear the free jersey? 

Without our partners the organization would be impossible. Wearing a jersey is therefore mandatory to participate in the draw. In case of bad weather conditions, a jacket is allowed above the jersey.

The jersey will not be exchangeable after registration. Be sure to consult the size guide before you register. Be careful, the jerseys are cut close to the body. We strongly recommend that you take an extra size.

How is the draw going? 

70,000 € of prizes will be offered to the draw among the participants wearing the jersey of the event. The draw will take place in the exhibiting villages in Pré la Joux Châtel, around 3pm.

Winners must pick up their prizes in person upon presentation of the license, ID card or bib. No prizes will be sent or exchanged.
All participants (small and large circuit + gravel) are included in the draw (subject to the rules).
Regulations and staffing available on the registration page.

What equipment is allowed?

Gravel: Gravel or CX bike. ATV participants will have a delayed start (+30 minutes).
Cyclosportive: Use only the traditional road bike (without extensions or flat wheels). No EAB or ATV.

Where to park? And how to get there in the first place? 

Gravel and long-distance cycling: reserved parking in Pré la Joux (Châtel).
Short cycling course: the start will be given at 8:00 am from Aigle. Parking in the car park of the UCI World Cycling Centre or the possibility of dropping off your vehicle at the finish line (Pré la Joux Châtel) and taking the shuttle on the morning of the race (shuttle departure at 6:25 am).
To do this, you must have dropped off the bike at the UCI World Cycling Centre (guarded bike park) and book the shuttle at the time of registration. On the morning of the event you can leave your clothes in a deposit box. They will be sent on arrival in Châtel.

Where to shower and eat?

Showers and toilets will be available to all and in large numbers in the car park, on arrival, at Pré la Joux in Châtel.
For participants in the short course who have left their vehicles at the start (Eagle), the changing rooms of the UCI World Cycling Centre will be in self-service.

How’s the after-race meal going? 

The catering area is located on the arrival site (Pré la Joux). A meal ticket is offered to each member. Possibility to book additional meals at the time of registration.
The space is open from 11:15 to 15:30.
A secure bicycle park is available at the exhibiting village.

What is the security system? 

For your safety: 12 cibistes cars, 35 motorcyclists and 100 signallers.
A request for priority of passage is filed with the prefecture, however, each participant is required to drive to the right of the road and to respect the highway code.

Are there any supplies planned? 

Refuelling is planned in Evian, Aigle Centre Mondial du Cyclisme and Champéry.
It is strictly forbidden to throw garbage on the public road, regardless of the location, otherwise you will be excluded from the race and will not participate in the draw.

How does the technical assistance work? 

A Mavic stand will be at your disposal on Saturday 12 July at the exhibiting village (Pré la Joux, Châtel) for last minute revisions. Mavic neutral assistance vehicles will also be present behind the main groups.
Nevertheless, each participant is required to have a functioning bicycle, his own repair equipment and a lighting system (if traffic before daybreak).

Personal following cars are not allowed.

The organization’s insurance does not cover material damage. It is up to the participant to insure his equipment for use in competition with his insurer or the federal insurer.

What are the delays?

No delays. The draw (15:15:30) will not exclude participants still on the road.

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