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Cyclosportive Châtel – Chablais – Léman Race 2020 Exceptional circuit in a extraordinary landscape July 12th, 2020


Postural Training is a young multidisciplinary company that assesses, analyses and supports performance and physical activity. It offers you its skills in various fields:


From training assessment to consultation and physical preparation sessions, Postural Training has a network of coaches to support occasional cyclists who seek well-being and competitors who seek performance.


From athletic assessment to postural analysis, Postural Training’s expertise goes beyond the scope of a single discipline. Their skills allow them to adapt to each of the sportsmen’s problems.


Injury management, prevention, sports massage or general and sports nutrition, Postural Training also offers its skills in sports health and sports well-being; to optimize its performance or to progress at its own pace.

All Postural Training services have been designed to meet the needs of our cycling clients: from the search for performance to the practice of healthy sport and the achievement of personal challenges.

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